Sutton Investing Corporation The Plowshare Complex
510 Stewart Drive
North Syracuse, NY  13212
fax 718.439.3930
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The Most Secure Storage Location in the Country?

Plowshare Complex - aerial view
  • Bomb Proof
  • Terrorist Proof
  • National Disaster-Proof

This unique, secure storage complex, located less than 2 miles from the Syracuse, New York airport, is a fantastic facility for all types of storage. We offer a facility with the capability of being the most secure storage facility in the country. Whether you are a large company or an independent trader we have a storage solution for you. We can accommodate clients who have unique storage build out requirements.

This complex has no windows, two foot thick reinforced concrete walls and one foot thick concrete reinforced flooring.

Bulk Storage

  • Release expensive productive space by storing valuable items securely.
  • Manage an office or company move efficiently by making use of storage space. It is possible to store files, furniture and office equipment. Store excess stock, stationary, samples, displays and exhibition equipment.

Business Benefit from:

  • Secure records storage for governments, lawyers, accountants, architects, doctors and financial companies
  • Flexible tailor-made storage solutions for your business
  • Forklift services available
  • Large loading areas accessibility
  • Flexible contracts
  • Low rental costs, you only pay for the space you need
  • Deliveries and collections overseen by our staff
  • High level security
  • Build out capabilities to fit your every need

The Potential of Hydroponic Farming

For many urban consumers, local food sources are farms in the same state that may be several dozen or hundred miles away. However, indoor farming is poised to change the urban food production industry. The New York Times has written an article describing new approaches to food production in several cities which have the potential to be implemented in Syracuse. Paul Lightfoot, chief executive of BrightFarms, points out that "it is not unusual for lettuce to travel more than 1,500 miles over five or six days to a supermarket shelf, which can cost as much as $1 for a head of lettuce that will sell for $2."

The Plowshare Complex is an opportunity for an urban farming company which intends to become a market leader and innovator in bringing urban farming to Syracuse. Its characteristics and location make it perfect for serving the food production needs of the Syracuse community.

"Cash Crops Under Glass and Up on the Roof"
Glenn Rifkin
The New York Times